Research supports the value of mindfulness in enhancing employee well-being, decision-making and productivity. Using an approach firmly grounded in theory, find out how Hazon's proven programme can support your employees in feeling well and doing more.

Mindfulness Training

Developing your psychological muscle

In much the same way that we develop our physical muscles, our psychological muscle i.e. brain may be developed too. Find out how to enhance your creativity and innovative self by contacting us to find out more.

Psychological Flexibility

Developing your psychological muscle


With a proven track record in supporting people to work out what career may be a suitable option, Hazon's coaches are adept at assisting you in working out your most suitable path. From transferable skills to volunteering and job shadowing, find out how we can help you take the important first step towards your new job. 

Career Transformation

Growth Mindset

Building on the work of Carol Dweck, we at Hazon are particularly interested in the applications of developing a growth mindset at work to promote creative thinking and confidence in employees. Find out how our training can help you become more positive in the workplace and achieve more.